When approved, partners or merchants can have their accounts configured with soft limits.  This allows an account to continue processing beyond the stated limit for which they have been approved, in order to not disrupt the flow of business.

However, when the soft limit threshold is exceeded, the merchant's bank transfer capabilities are disabled to allow our Risk Management Team to review the processing, request additional information, proactively increase limits and so on.

When a merchant is approaching their limit, they or their referring partner will receive an email notification that they are at 75% of their limit.

When they reach 100%, another notification is sent to inform them the funds are on hold and to contact our Risk Team to resolve the hold.

Merchants can email limits(at)propay.com to request an adjustment to the stated limit.  Additional underwriting information may be requested to determine whether an adjustment can be made.

Once the account has been reviewed and adjusted, the hold can be released and bank transfers will resume if there are no other reasons why funds are on hold.