From time to time, merchant funds from credit card and ACH processing may be put on hold for a variety of reasons, including the following:

1. Manual Holds - Our Risk Management Team may put an account's funds on hold in order to review transaction activity, limits and work to prevent fraudulent funds movement.  

2. Bank Transfer Rejection Holds - When bank transfers of merchant funds are sent as a result of a sweep (automatic bank deposit) and the receiving bank rejects the transfer, our system will automatically disable bank transfer capabilities to prevent constant attempts to transfer, to avoid additional ACH Return fees. 

    Merchants or partners must update the related bank information and request that automatic transfers (sweeps) be re-enabled by contacting their account manager, the Client Support Team.   Approved partners can re-enable using the API.

3. Soft Limit Holds - Accounts configured with a 'Soft Limit' are allowed to continue processing beyond the stated limit, but bank transfer capabilities may be disabled in order for our Risk Management Team to review before funds are released.  

    Please refer to the article about soft limits for more information.

4. API Holds - Approved API Partner users can enable and disable bank transfer capabilities.