ACH Payment processing is different from credit card processing because there is no real-time authorization of funds availability in the account.

When an ACH payment is submitted, it takes a few business days to be processed and completed.  In most cases, merchants will be funded for their ACH Payment processing prior to confirmation that the funds were available, so providers or merchants may want to wait to confirm that the payment does not reject before providing the product or service.

Rejections on ACH drafts (eChecks) will typically post within 5 business days.  Clients and partners who wish to confirm funds prior to shipping product or providing a service should wait 5 business days to confirm it is not returned.

API users can leverage transaction type 34 (4.5.4 Get ProPay Merchant Account Transactions and Details) of the ProPay API to check the status of ACH payments prior to fulfilling the product or service, or to notify of failed payment.

Transactions in ACHInPending status are voidable.

Transactions in ACHInComplete are not voidable, but are refundable.

Transactions in ACHInReturned or ACHInRejected statuses mean that the transaction was cancelled or rejected by the user or their bank, and the merchant should contact the payer to arrange for alternate payment details.